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Puppy Pampering Sessions

We offer puppy introductory sessions so your puppy will get used to the grooming process gradually. We offer 3 puppy visits to ease them in to grooming. 

Visit 1

The first puppy visit is between 12-15 weeks of age and is a 30 minute session where they will meet the groomer and experience the sights and sounds of the salon. They will experience standing on the table with supervision, a gentle brush through of their coat, checking their nails and handling of their face, feet and ears in a positive manner.

Visit 2

The second puppy visit is between 16-18 weeks of age and this takes about an hour. Your puppy will receive a bath, brush and dry, they will have their nails checked and a trim in front of their eyes if required.

Visit 3

The Third visit is from 19 weeks of age. By now your puppy will be familiar with the salon and is ready for their full groom. This visit will include a bath, brush, dry, nail trim, ear clean, full style depending on breed and lots of cuddles.

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